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Oval exhausts

This shape of exhausts is the most common; it can be used on nearly every motorbike model. Thank to the wide range of the materials and colors combinations the oval exhausts are the most popular and top-selling. It is possible to combine the cover material with the shape and material of the exhaust cap. Propose the exhaust based on your fantasy (e.g.: carbon cover in color of your bike, double glossy cap, matt pipe). The custom-made production is realized for regular price.

For this type of exhaust there are two diameters available: 85x130 mm and 105x135 mm

Materials for cover of the oval exhaust:

 Stainless steel  (choose matt or glossy surface)
 Painted:  (choose any color and surface: gloss, matt, structured)
 Carbon:  (choose any color)

Materials and shapes for cap of the oval exhaust:

 Stainless steel:  (choose matt or glossy surface)
   plain  double  conical
 Carbon:  (choose any color)

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